No More Excuses!!!

I heard a quote the other day when I was listening to a guy talking about everything he did to change his lifestyle to become healthy. He said, “Massive action brings massive results.” It hit me like a ton of bricks! It’s time for me to start taking massive action in my business. No more excuses!!!

There have been so many things to come up in my life that have taken my time. But enough! I have to take action and make this happen. I have to get really clear on what my action steps need to be and then just DO IT!

There are five things that leaders do every day:

  1. Visualization
  2. Income producing activities
  3. Personal and Professional Development
  4. Mastermind with Other Leaders
  5. Inspire and Lead.

The first thing I will do is look at my day and determine how much time I have to work on this business. I will take that time and divide it into each of the categories. I am a teacher, so as school begins, I won’t have a lot of time, but according to one of my mentors, “imperfect action is better than no action.”

So here’s to massive action and NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

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