A Bird and a Fish

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, I was told by the doctor that my body was sick. We needed to take measures to heal my gut and rid my body of toxins.

As I began this journey, I began to eat clean and take a regimen of supplements. To help get rid of the toxins in my body, my husband and I installed a reverse osmosis water filter that removes fluoride and chlorine from our water and began using non-toxic cleaners and beauty products. But there was another big toxicity that needed to be addressed. I needed to have all the amalgam fillings (8) in my teeth replaced.

Before even beginning this expensive process, I found out that I had an abscessed tooth that was attached to a bridge on the upper right side of my teeth. The dentist told me that a root canal could trap toxins in my body. So I decided on having the tooth removed. However, this meant not only removing one tooth, but two!… the abscessed tooth, and the tooth that was forming the bridge. All I could see was dollar signs!!! I knew this was going to cost thousands of dollars (to the tune of about $15,000!) after the whole process was finished.

A few weeks later, we were vacationing on Hilton Head island, and I was feeling very down and depressed about the expenses I was causing our family. As I sat on the back deck overlooking the beautiful lagoon, I tearfully began telling God my thoughts and feelings. Within moments, as I looked out in the water, and there was a big black bird swimming through the water with a fish in its mouth. I felt like God was saying, “just as I provide for the birds, I will provide for you.” He reminded me that the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is His gift of financial provision for me! I’m excited to be on this journey.

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